Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Basic & Easy Chicken and Pasta Dish!

Having barely any food in my household, this is by far the easiest thing to make for a filling, healthy, and lovely meal! Target now has produce, which is a big thumbs up, but they also have frozen (already cooked) grilled chicken there for a very cheap price. So many dishes can be made from that quick readily available chicken. But I made bow tie pasta, with seasoned peas, and chicken.

I made the pasta like how you would any, then put the chicken in a little frying pan and poured a bit of olive oil on it, then seasoned with red chili pepper (hate spicy but it's actually good), then heated the peas up in the pan. Then I cut up the chicken into small, bite-size pieces, and topped the entire dish with shredded provolone cheese. It was SO good!

*** Another similar, and equally good recipe is replacing the chicken with shrimp and pouring white white in the pan along with some garlic and lemon. Very good!


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